Sunny Bear Suncatcher window decal - Rainbow maker window sticker

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Here is the sunniest little bear in town! When the sunlight kisses sunny bear, it would fill your room, workspace or kiddie's room with good vibe and rainbows!

It is roughly 5" x 5" (12.7cm)


1. Find the glass/ window that receives good direct sunlight.
2. Clean the glass/ window to insure it is dust-free.
3. Peel the decal with clean hand and place adhesive side on the surface.
4. Once you are happy with the sticker position, use a thick card gently push out any air bubbles.

Note : The sticker is removable if you decide to move it to different location, please remove the sticker gently from the corner with clean hands. Please place the decal onto any dust-free glass surface e.g. mirror or picture frame for transportation.